Sandwich is a food item that can be prepared by using two or more slices of bread with one or several fillings between them. Sandwich was first introduced in India by the British and it was named Double Roti by the Indians. Today, it has become one of the most popular options as a lunch food that can be prepared easily and packed for school, workplace or even picnics.
I love sandwiches and can spend my entire day eating only them. However, the regular vegetable sandwich is a strictly no-no for me. I love to stuff my sandwiches with mashed spinach and corn, mashed potatoes, any spicy chicken/paneer filling, mayonnaise, scrambled eggs, mushrooms and a lot of other exciting ingredients. I find cucumber and tomatoes very boring to be used as fillings. From the health point of view I try to avoid cheese but at times, indulging in them is not that bad… Under this label I would try to explore many options that can be used as a filling for your Sandwich.

The Menu Card for Sandwiches
Chicken Mayonnaise Sandwich 

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