Know Me Better

I have always been fascinated with food. I love good food and it may belong to any cuisine in the world. When I was single, most of my free time was spent in the kitchen, trying out dishes that I may have liked while eating out.
But with marriage, came responsibilities, and while shuffling between a full time corporate job and being a good wife, I rarely get some time out for myself.

I know, a lot of women out there, who stay alone with their husbands, may have the same experience. And so, came in the idea of short-cut food. I started making the same traditional recipes, twisting them a bit to fit-in to my time limits.

Most of the recipes included in this blog would be traditional bengali dishes as my husband loves them. However, you would also find some recipes from other regions as well.
So, here I wish you a very Happy cooking and Happy Eating...

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