Soups and Salads

Whenever someone talks about a healthy diet, what is it that comes to your mind inevitably...? Its either a Soup or a Salad. So how many of us actually do like them...? I guess that is not an easy question.... I am sure that none of us would like the conventional and boring soups cooked at home however, when the same is served in a restaurant, we all would relish it.
I in general, never liked either of them... Soups or Salads... I always found them boring...
During one of my gastronomic experiments in a small time restaurant in Bangalore, I had one of the best Sweet Corn Soups in the world and that is when I realized that Soups can indeed be interesting. Unfortunately, cooking soups the way they do in restaurants is always not very healthy and also consume time which is a rare commodity for any working woman.
Hence, under this label, I would be posting some very easy and quick recipes for Soups/Salads that are tasty and healthy.


  1. Crunchy Tomato Soup
  2. Sweet Corn Soup
  3. Coriander Soup
  4. Spinach Soup
  5. Onion Soup (Clear soup)
  6. Spicy Soup
  7. Mushroom soup
  8. Cream of Mushroom soup
  9. Corn and Broccoli Soup
  10. Tomato soup
  11. Tomato and Spinach soup
  12. Clear Vegetable Soup
  13. Baby-corn Soup

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